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Insurance Comparison Websites Adverts Comparison

Insurance Comparison Websites Adverts Comparison

If you can spare the time please watch both and then watch them for a second time. Do you have a favourite? Clearly they are both out to achieve exactly the same thing. They want to plant their website name in your mind so that, when that occasion arrives each year for your car insurance renewal, you will make an association between their message and the process. It’s a challenging market to influence. Insurance is a low interest category and most people would prefer not to think about it unless they absolutely have to. The GoCompare advert certainly gets its name across. The use of a melody means the mental imprint is much stronger. The tune will bounce around in the mind of many, imprinting itself in the process. This is a good example of a marketing meme. A word, phrase or line that sticks in your mind and you […]

Is Almost Every Company Making the Same Mistake?

Anyone who works for a large organisation and who has ever wanted to do something constructive for that organisation, will have experienced the same questions and the same dark forces waiting to challenge their brilliantly conceived scheme: the finance department. Arguably, it’s reasonable enough that a corporation, preoccupied as it is with making, sustaining and growing profit, should have a beady eye on every single cost that is incurred in the course of such pursuits. That this can lead to conflicts and disputes is unquestionable.  Frequently the return on investment from activity, particularly marketing activity, is hard to evaluate: it can be tricky to gauge how long a long term brand-building exercise will be making a return and valuing brands themselves is a topic that is hotly debated.  Assumptions are made (explicitly or implicitly) and models constructed: although often the casual observer might question the extent to which these are […]

New Office ‘Assistant’

Willow the dog is teaching me a lot about psychology (honestly, we’re a lot more like dogs than we’d ever want to think). But her food could smell better. I’m beginning to understand how those petty ‘office rules’ about eating at your desk come into existence! It’s worth noting, her productivity could be higher.