Today I’ve been writing a lengthy article on consumer behaviour for an international magazine.  Whilst I was working on it I remembered a video I posted a long time ago over on my Vox blog (and yes, a new post there is long overdue).

Anyway, I thought I’d share the video here because it’s both entertaining and quite informative. 

Bird & Fortune are a pair of satirical comedians who regularly draw attention to the silliness of politics and the world.  Here they talk about the subprime crisis that seems to have triggered the recession we’re ‘enjoying’ globally at the moment.

The point I was making in my article is that consumer behaviour is also all a matter of sentiment.  People can be in exactly the same financial position and with the same inability to forecast the future accurately as they were eighteen months ago, but they behave very differently as consumers.

The fear of what the future might hold increases unconscious sensitivity to future losses and that has big repercussions for what consumers will and won’t do (points I’ll need to save for the magazine article).

Philip Graves


  1. Duane Cunningham

    Hi Phil,

    Yes its interesting how one perceives the situation of two situations that are the complete mirror of one another yet are perceived by the participants entirely differently!

    I remember Prof Eric Knowles talking on this subject about Olympic medal winners and the perceptions

    Its amazing stuff!


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  2. John Ho


    Great funny video and good point on consumer behaviour too.

    Pure Numerology shows that a strong “2” personality will spend no matter what the economy is. They are carefree and do not worry about the future. They take the “NOW” mentality to a new level.

    John Ho
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