You know how it is, you think about something for so long that it gets harder to do it not easier!

Today I had a couple of hours free and decided to tackle the long overdue consumer behaviour website make-over.  Of course, once I got started it took considerably longer than a couple of hours, but once you get started it only gets easier to keep going: that first step is always the longest!

I’ve taken note of feedback from the blog; now articles will all appear on one page, but I’ll still link them from the front page too so that visitors to the site can get an immediate indication that there are frequent updates.  I’ll also be changing the main box from time to time as new products come out.

I decided that the video had had so much positive reaction – and I know it has already contributed to increased demand for my services – that it deserved a higher profile position, at least for a while.

Please do pop back here and let me know what you think.



  1. Pam Schulz

    I love the new website. It’s appealing and informative. Your video really is exceptional – I can see why it has increased the demand for your services! I’m glad to see that you’re showcasing it in a prominent spot. Interesting – as Duane points out – that 25% of all google searches come up for you tube. Video definitely is the wave of the future!

    Good Luck with your new site!

    Invest in Your Future

  2. Newport Beach, Widow Support, Bereavement Counseling, Divorce Recovery, Grief Support, Orange County, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Irvine

    Hi Phil,

    with opening your website DAILY even if I don’t make it over to commenting at your blog daily, I have already noticed your changes to your website.

    indeed, I think you new format looks very polished and professional. I like how you incorporated additional media like YOUR GREAT VIDEO which you did (I think there was some 2 am Drill Sgt who shouted at you to do it… knowing you’d be great… and you ARE!) being prominently featured on your mainpage.

    Great changes, indeed!

    Best regards,

    April Braswell

    Single Boomer Dating Expert, Business Relationship Success Coach

    Widows Grief Support Group, Bereavement Counseling, Stages of Grief, Workshop Orange County, Costa Mesa Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, CA

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  3. Las Vegas Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert

    Hi Phil,

    indeed, I like how you have created the site where it is no easier to poke around and access your articles.

    Hmmm, your video… leading to new business…. I am so delighted to hear that your having complied has contributed so much to your bottom line in 2009 for your consumer behavior consulting business. Great news.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert

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