Getting a book published shouldn’t be like going to the doctors, but it is.

You know how it is; something doesn’t seem right so you go to the doctor and part of you thinks, “I’ll ask him (or her) what’s wrong and then I’ll know.”

But of course that isn’t what happens.

The doctor isn’t sure. So you get sent for tests.

“When I get the test results I’ll know…”

Except the test results are inconclusive, or else they point to something that there isn’t really anything they can give you.

And so it goes on.

There I was thinking there would be a “we love your book” moment from a publisher and a big party, but it hasn’t worked out that way.

Instead I got a very nice email saying that a publisher would like to discuss my book with me.

Don’t get me wrong, this is GREAT NEWS, but it’s not a ‘moment’ of revelation.

So having met them and discussed the book they’ve asked me to consider putting a slightly different slant on it.  It would mean more writing, but I happen to think this publisher is right, the changes would make for a better book.

I need to work on a revised submission.

That moment isn’t here yet, but it could just be a little bit closer!

Philip Graves


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