Ok, I admit it.  This blog has nothing to do with consumer behaviour.  I tried to tie it in, honestly I did, but it would have been so tenuous, it’s better to come clean and say this is really all about a great night as a consumer of rock music of the silliest kind – ooh look, I said “consumer”!

I was lucky enough to be invited to Spinal Tap’s recent “One Night World Tour”.  Naturally they played two gigs because they also played at the Glastonbury festival.

For those not ever so familiar with the work of Spinal Tap, or who would enjoy a reminder, here’s a brief taste of guitarist Nigel Tufnell being interviewed about Stonehenge (a subject that has been something of an obsession for the band and about which they wrote a song):

The guys from Spinal Tap put on a hugely entertaining show…

Spinal Tap

Had some special guests like Keith Emmerson…

Keith Emmerson

Invited a selected part of the audience to join them…

Spinal Tap friends

And had several people join in playing bass on ‘Big Bottom’…

Big Bottom bass players

At the aftershow party Justin Hawkins and I discussed the balance on the “Bass Shuttle” he’d designed and he was good enough to let me test it for myself (it’s very well balanced, surprisingly)…


Very little consumer behaviour-wise (I was a guest, so I didn’t even buy the ticket), but if they tour again in another 25 years I heartily recommend revelling in the wonderfully entertaining world of Spinal Tap’s tour!

Philip Graves


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