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  • HEC Alumni: How Consumers Think and Why You Shouldn’t Ask them Questions

“We are delighted with the positive feedback that seems to be coming from all sides currently; it’s great for us to facilitate something of value for the industry, but also to put together an event that stands out from the crowd in the minds of our delegates.” 
Jimmy Birchmore, Royal Agricultural Society Events.
“The talk was received very positively. The students, in summary, loved it as indeed did I. I hope I can use you every year in my teaching now.”
Dr Haseeb Shabbir, Leeds University Business School
“Thank you so much for a very inspiring evening.  Your combination of knowledge, eloquence and humour captivated everyone.”
Sandrine Delabrière, HEC Alumni
“I recently attended the SNAP event in Westminster where your presentation on the market research myth really made me question the way traditional market research is undertaken. Your thoughts on the psychology that goes behind consumer decisions and therefore responses to market research questioning were really fascinating.”
Abdul Quaim, Business Data & Evaluation Manager, Clapham Park Homes
“We still talk about your lecture. It made me reflect about habits and the unconscious behavior of the consumer that most of the time are not what I thought it would be… and we deal with over a million of these shoppers every month in our stores.” 
Cristian Bergesch, Commercial Director, Imec (Brasil)
“I wanted to thank you once again for a great evening. A lot of people have approached me to tell me what a great night they had. You obviously put a lot into tailoring your talk for the audience and this I think contributed greatly to the fun of the evening.”
Deboarah Oates, Occasions
“Pyrford Monkey Business: A mind-bending talk about thought processes has fascinated a group of women.”
Coverage of Philip's talk on Mind-Reading taken from the Addlestone & Byfleet Review
“Excellent presentation!”, “Love the images on the slides.”, “Great presentation.”, “Many thanks for the discussion of  the psychological aspects of market testing and related (topics)…  thought provoking.”:
Spontaneous comments from people who listened live to Philip's presentation at The CMO Site's University webinar.
“Thanks for this morning – it was very insightful (and fun!)” 
Flourish Consumer Psychology Event (Boiled Eggs and Brands)
Fascinating – really got me thinking a little differently.” 
Flourish Consumer Psychology Event (Boiled Eggs and Brands)
“Just the sort of challenge Pharma needs” 
SMi Pharmaceutical Conference
Thought provoking.” 
SMi Pharmaceutical Conference