I recently discovered some research which dovetails quite nicely with the blog I posted recently on Unconscious Advertising

Researchers wanted to explore the impact of drug companies’ low-key promotional items on medical students; were those scientifically-minded students, on the verge of becoming fully fledged doctors, susceptible to the old-fashioned marketing technique of branding any old trinket in the hope that your customer sees it and decides to choose you over a competitor?

The results shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s read my blog or my eBook.  But they are an interesting reminder that we could all benefit from tactical marketing that gets our brand around our customers as frequently as possible (however indirectly).

You can find the article under the Latest Articles section here.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts.

Philip Graves


  1. Bereavement, Widow, and Grief Counseling and Support, Henderson, Las Vegas, NV, Nevada

    Excellent article as ever and thank you for such a thorough job of covering the topic from some different vantage points.

    I know the pens which are part of the promos when the pens are of GOOD QUALITY like at The Venetian (was just there over the weekend), then I think favorably of the place and think the item/gift is OF VALUE (a bit different slant than the particular article and research you discuss). However, the ones which are CHEAP I think are garbage.

    Best regards,

    April Braswell

    Boomer Dating Expert, Relationship Success Coach

    Widow Support and Bereavement Counseling Outreach Workshop Henderson, NV, Nevada, Las Vegas

  2. anthony lemme

    The drug companies should be banned from doing that. They are so sinister/smart. It is not surprising. We have the 2nd largest medical school in the country right here in Erie (The lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine)and the big pharm reps are all over those people. There are accupuncture and integrative medicine programs and many of the teachers and students are steering clear of using meds at all. My accupuncturist is a doctor and a professor there and he does not prescribe meds and is teaching a whole slew of young doctors who want little to nothing to do with meds.

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  3. John Ho


    Great example of how the Law of Familiarity works!

    I wonder how the quality of giveaway promo items affects the brand being promoted?

    A more pertinent question is: Does it make much difference if you give a away a high quality disposable pencil as compared with a high quality ball pen?

    John Ho
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