Market Research Failures: How Foolish We Are

So here’s the thing. If I convinced you that crossing the road without looking was a wonderful, amazing, liberating, life-transforming experience, and I mean really convinced you so that you believed it, what would happen? You would take your first attempt with extreme nervousness, shaking with fear, but you would probably make it across the road just fine. With your senses heightened you wouldn’t really be using your new-found faith in traversing streets with total disregard for what was passing: no you would heighten your other senses until you were certain it was safe and then over you would go. Of course, after a while, if I’d done a really good job and kept reinforcing the message, you would start to foster the genuine belief that you didn’t need to look to cross the road. ¬†After all, you’ve now got my enthusiastic message – and I’d tell you about how […]