It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated you on the trials and tribulations of getting a book into print.

Just to recap, I’d opted for the route of getting a publisher for various reasons, and since that time have been submitting my book to a number of publishers and some literary agents.

I submitted the book to just three literary agents and three publishers.  With hindsight I think the decision to move from pursuing literary agents to publishers was an astute one: publishers have, by necessity, a broader interest sphere than literary agents. 

From what I gather, I have been extremely fortunate in finding a publisher after so few attempts – I hope some of what I’ve learned along the way and covered in previous blogs helps any of you looking to have a book published.

No doubt I’ve been extremely lucky.

I was lucky to be inspired to write the book by my friend Jay Wright, who showed me that it was possible to decide to write a book and then go ahead an do it: his book GAS is self-published through 

I was lucky to be encouraged and mentored by Kevin Hogan – an established author.

I was lucky to find Francis – my benevolent literary adviser.

I was lucky that someone I sent my book to recommended I send it to Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

I was lucky that Nicholas Brealey Publishing wanted to publish it and luckier still, given some of the stories that one hears, that the team I’ve met there are nice people who challenge me to make my book the best it can be, whilst being supportive of what I’m doing.

My book will be published in June.  It’s called Consumer.ology: The Market Research Myth, the Truth About Consumer Behaviour and the Psychology of Shopping.

As you can probably imagine – I’m absolutely delighted.

Philip Graves


  1. Rob Northrup


    This is fantastic news, I can’t wait to get one of the first editions!

    I am sure it will be a great book… Consumer.ology is awesome title

    Hope it gives you the broader platform to help people with their consumer marketing and buying behavior challenges!


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