A lot of my work in understanding consumers is based on watching consumer behaviour; people do give away quite a lot.

One of the reference points I also use quite a lot is children.  They aren’t so adept at hiding their feelings and thoughts and so tend to reveal even more of what’s going on in their minds. 

Given that, psychologically speaking, a lot of what makes us tick is well established by the age of two, this provides a wonderful window of opportunity for insights into what’s going on.

Here’s a behavioural example of the extent to which my daughter, aged four, likes reading.  She first revealed that she could read at the age of two, she’d picked it up from being around her brother we suppose, we hadn’t spent any time teaching her. 

Reading behaviour

I think it’s fair to say that she enjoys reading!

Philip Graves


  1. Pam Schulz


    Nothing is more beautiful than a sweetly, sleeping child. What a precious picture of your pretty in pink princess! Looks like as a Dad and a consumer behaviour expert, you captured her true “buying preference!”

    Maybe it’s just the light or the angle, but from the look of her right hand, it looks like she had a very busy day with a red marker. 😉 Oh have we been there, done that!

    Invest in Your Future

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